ZF V2 Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712r Moon Phase

  • Nautilus 5712 is a highly debated replica watch in the industry, generating diverse opinions on its value and desirability. ZF introduced the initial version of the replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 years ago, which was crafted from stainless steel and featured a blue dial. However, the power reserve on that particular replica was not authentic. Subsequently, ZF released an updated version of the 5712, known as the V2 edition, equipped with a superior clone 240 movement that included a genuine power reserve. This improved version commanded a significantly higher price from ZF.
  • Regarding the rose gold Nautilus 5712r, ZF initially released the V1 version in September. However, just last week, ZF released an upgraded V2 version of this replica watch, which is now considered a better replica. In my opinion, while the stainless steel Nautilus 5712 with a blue dial is considered a super clone, the rose gold model has significant differences when compared to the genuine watch.
  • I visited the official website of Patek Philippe and discovered a rose gold Nautilus 5712r. The genuine watch has a brown dial that perfectly complements its rose gold tone. However, the replica has a dial color that appears more grayish, which is a noticeable difference. It’s quite easy to distinguish this replica from the genuine one when you’re wearing it among your friends. Another significant distinction can be found in the clasp, as its structure differs from that of the genuine watch. Additionally, the engravings on the movement plate of the replica watches do not possess the same level of three-dimensionality as those on the genuine watch. These three differences are quite apparent, and that’s why I don’t recommend purchasing this replica at the moment.
  • The replica watch has several attractive features, such as its super clone 240 movement, accurate case shape with a similar case thickness, and correct functions similar to the genuine watch. However, there is a need for improvement in the dial color, as it currently lacks appeal to potential buyers. In our market, many dealers offer custom-made options for the replica watch. They replace imperfect dials or bezels with genuine parts to address the imperfections in the rose gold replica 5712r. Some dealers have even made modifications to the replica, like the one shown below. This particular replica 5712r has been fitted with SW’s dial and hands, and the moon phase has been replaced with VVS’s moon phase. SW and VVS are two factories in our market that specialize in manufacturing watch parts. Additionally, the molder has used solid rose gold for this replica watch, which contributes to its higher price.
  • By the way, although the V2 version has been released, ZF is still selling the V1 edition of the 5712r. It is simple to determine whether the 5712 you purchased is V2 or V1 by checking the placement of the movement rotor. On V2, it is positioned at 9 o’clock, which is the opposite direction of the crown.

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