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The purpose of this site is to clear the haze near the fog. Almost every online store has a so-called Buyer’s Guide, which in most cases confuses buyers with the quality, terms, type, and warranty of their Rolex watches. Some tour guides will explain that you should not pay more than $ 100 for fakes. Others try to convince you that their $ 300 copy is first rate and any cheap item is made of plastic. In either case, their sole purpose is to get you to buy from their store as a client. In my article, I will tell you what to look out for when placing an order, what the best form of payment, and how to regulate the return policy can be a cautious deception. It’s just that I want to be clear one thing from the start – there is no such thing as a perfect replica! Any replica watch is more or less true; it can be a good or a bad imitation, but there is no 100% copy. I will post detailed pictures of all the replicas watches I have already purchased and try to explain the differences between them and the real brand model. You will be surprised to find that some imitations can be approached with real watches, while others you can see from a mile away they are fake.

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