DiW Factory Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Carbon Watch

In the past two months, there has been a significant influx of new replica watches in the market, which comes as a surprise considering the limited number of new releases in the past two years due to a major crackdown. However, the situation has now returned to normal, allowing for the introduction of more new replica watches. Among these recent releases, the majority come from two watch factories, namely BT and Clean. Additionally, VS has also joined the trend by manufacturing some new watches. Two notable models they recently unveiled are the forged carbon Submariner and Single-Red Sea-Dweller, both of which have garnered significant attention. Another noteworthy addition is the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watch, which was introduced just a few days ago. This particular model stands out as it is made with forged carbon material, giving it a uniquely cool appearance.

Indeed, the replica watch I am referring to is manufactured by DiW factory. It is quite clever of them to adopt this name, as it carries certain implications that resonate with watch enthusiasts. DiW factory has gained a reputation for producing high-quality replica watches, many of which are crafted using forged carbon. In the case of this specific Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 replica, DiW has incorporated carbon material for the case and bracelet. However, it is worth noting that the watch is not entirely made of carbon, which piques my curiosity as to why they chose not to create a fully carbon watch. Undoubtedly, a fully carbon timepiece would have been even more impressive.

To clarify, the case of this replica watch is primarily constructed using forged carbon. Specifically, it is the bezel that is crafted from carbon material, while the case itself remains composed of 316L stainless steel coated with black PVD. The carbon bezel exhibits a unique texture that perfectly matches the bracelet. With a case diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 9mm, it is slightly thicker than the genuine version and also thicker than the Nautilus 5711 models produced by 3KF and PPF. The bracelet features stainless steel middle links, boasting a high-gloss finish that offers a striking contrast to the carbon links.

The movement used in this replica watch is a clone PP 324 calibre, featuring meticulous decoration on the movement plates and auto rotor. However, it is important to note that this clone PP 324 movement differs from the one developed by 3K factory and PP factory. The super clone PP 324 movement, jointly developed by 3K and PP, is considered superior to the one used in this watch. DiW factory offers this replica watch at a relatively high price, leaving some uncertainty as to whether it is worth the investment. Nevertheless, if you have an affinity for carbon watches, this timepiece undeniably exudes a captivating and cool aesthetic.

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